Founded In 1962 In Ruhla, Germany, ruhlamat is a privately owned, highly sophisticated manufacturer of state of the art automated equipment.

Specializing in customized automation, gluing technologies, assembling and connecting of small devices such as watches and medical equipment, ruhlamat is a leader in the manufacturing of automated equipment in today’s fast growing technology sector. ruhlamat has developed special problem solutions and technologies to meet the high requirements for fully automatic large-scale serial production equipment.

ruhlamat customers range from government agencies around the world to hi-tech companies all over Europe, America and Asia. ruhlamat provides automated equipment to some of the largest smart-card manufacturers in the industry. Their customers also include some of the most reputable and high-profile automotive companies in the world.

ruhlamat started its business by manufacturing customized automation equipment for the watch manufacturing industry. Established as independent production company of Uhrenwerke Ruhla "Automation" Development, ruhlamat initial specialty was developing specialized equipment for clock production. 

By 1974, ruhlamat had established the first fully automatic watch assembly plant in Germany.